Investment Strategy

Bluehouse invests through diverse asset management strategies in order to capitalize on attractive opportunities and create value.


Repositioning is a core investment strategy for Bluehouse. This strategy involves assets’ revitalization through technical, leasing and operational management leading to better uses, more efficient operations and higher values. Opportunities include assets offered at discount to intrinsic value as well as other that are controlled by banks that are unwilling to inject the required capital.
Development includes fit-for-purpose real estate development such as logistics facilities and office buildings in capital cities. We mitigate execution risk through partnering with specialized developers and/or operators as well as ensuring pre-leasing with anchor tenants.
Land strategies capitalize on opportunities where land is offered below intrinsic value. Additionally, we seek to create value in the pre-development phase through zoning, permitting, infrastructure improvement and master plan enhancement.
Structured transactions involve acquisitions from financial institutions that seek to deleverage and restructure their balance sheets. Bluehouse is well positioned to capitalize on opportunities arising in distressed real estate markets.

Active property management applies to the majority of assets owned by Bluehouse. Our expertise lies in structuring lease transactions, helping tenants improve their performance, applying sustainable and energy efficiency practices, as well as timely monitoring and optimizing all functions across business activity. These actions result in our assets becoming more attractive to potential investors.