Regional presence

Regional presence has been a cornerstone of Bluehouse’s competency and the main driver of its growth.

Prior to start investing in a country, Bluehouse employs extensive research and analysis of several economic indicators; including macroeconomic performance, market conditions as well as promising demographics. Currently the firm operates local offices in all countries of the investment activity having established and maintaining a dedicated focus in Central and Southeastern Europe and particularly in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Greece and Cyprus. The local offices are involved in all aspects of Bluehouse activities, including investments, divestments and asset management of the existing portfolio.

The geographical commitment allows for granular, local market knowledge, continuous access to off-market deals, as well as flexibility and immediate reaction. In addition to its deal sourcing capability, Bluehouse has proven and effective execution aptitude. The firm has extensive development and project management expertise across all countries, as well as significant experience on legal, tax, finance and administration. Moreover, Bluehouse has created strong relationships with the premier financial institutions in the region, international and local service providers such as key accountants, attorneys, brokers, consultants and insurance agents. The quality of its assets along with longstanding relationships with property owners, real estate investment vehicles and professionals provides Bluehouse several divestment channels.

In today’s increasingly challenging investment environment, Bluehouse is uniquely positioned to identify, evaluate and execute property investment transactions, while adding value through active, hands on asset management.